Scanmask Products2Scanmask is sold in two different formulations: a solid formulation that protects the nematodes as they are being applied and numerous sizes of a sprayable formulation for ease of application.  The Scanmask formulations contain the beneficial nematode Steinernema feltiaeS. feltiae is a natural insect parasite found in soil and cryptic environments.  BioLogic’s Scanmask nematodes are specially selected for favorable behavior in the field.  Scanmask will hunt down and kill pests in the soil or in bore holes.  A single nematode can infect and kill a pest insect.

Not sure which product to treat with? Treat with Scanmask, it will control over 230 different types of pests!  Scanmask is recommended for fungus gnats, flea larvae, cucumber beetles, flea beetles, fire ants, and wireworms.

We are always adding pests to our database, see what Scanmask controls and the specific directions here, or search for your pest or insect on the left hand search bar.

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